Project Two – Epilogue



“Good Old Fashioned Saturday Night at the Movies! With just a little tweaking my husband Erik was able to fire-up the old projector and get the film to run. We set up a folding screen and gathered round for a viewing lasting 7 minutes. The screen flickered for a few moments and suddenly there was a moving image before us. It had a quality that I had not experienced in many years. I felt the excitement bubble inside me just like when I was a little kid and we were about to watch home movies. While the digital files are good they are second generation and they cannot replace the experience of creating movies with film and watching as the projector clicks round with each frame. The great thing about the digital version is the fact you can add sound tracks and splice together clips to tell a succinct story. It is possible to splice the film with the right tools but this 8mm film has no capacity for sound. This project has been a wonderful walk down memory lane and a learning experience on the analog side as well as the digital. I feel I have only begun to scratch the surface of possibilities in experimenting with this art form.


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