Project 2 – Adding Audio

I started searching for the right music to complement the video footage and I found this cute song on YouTube. It happened to be a  Petco ad and the song was not available so I Googled ” How to record audio on a Mac”. I found out if I downloaded Audacity and Soundflower software I could record the music from the ad. I had some trouble because the process required a plug-in called “Lame”and it was. When I finally figured out how it worked I successfully recorded the song! The next problem that occurred was the fact that my video was 3 minutes long and song only lasted one minute. I went to the iTunes store and searched for songs. After some sampling  I found the additional music files. The next thing I had to figure out was how to edit the audio files because now I had too much audio. I was able to clip the files, add fad-ins as transiitons between tracks. A tweak here and there and my film is ready to preview!


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