Project Two – Film Returned from Processing

I decided to use rush processing just in case none of footage turned out. This camera is 75 years old after all and I had no idea if it would still work. The package arrive by Fedex on Monday morning. Both the rolls of film I shot ,100 feet total, were developed, sliced together and wound onto one reel. I also ordered a the footage in a digital format so I had the ability to mix old and new technology. The Filmo Sportster Movie Camera is a completely manual device, You have to wind it up to make it run the film and of course there is no sound recording. I am hoping to review the film using the Bell & Howell Filmo Projector that is the companion to this camera. It is an interesting experiment to be walking the line between old and new technology. Both are a learning experience for me. Now I must figure out the projector.


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