Project Two – Shooting

After dusting off this old camera, determining whether it would still works, finding a source for film and processing, searching the web for the original instruction book, and practicing how to load the film into the camera, I am finally shooting some footage. My original plan was to shoot the footage on spring break but the camera instructions did not arrive on time so I decided to film the adoption of our new puppy. I also decided to shoot two rolls of the four I have, get those processed and see what the results are. I may have totally messed it up. The type  of double 8mm film the camera was designed to use is no longer made anywhere in the world. With the German made 100 speed, double 8mm film I was able to obtain some aperture adjustments were needed and I just made educated guesses on those.  It is so strange to have this  long period of waiting and anticipation to see the images using an analog format. I have become  conditioned to the instant gratification of digital formats. I also found an 8mm camera app for my phone so I am going to experiment with it and use it  to make a comparison between digital and film. The digital 8mm footage could also serve a a backup in case I totally mess up the filming on my first try. This is getting to be an expensive little endeavor and I probably would not have gone to expense of this experiment had it not been for this class.  I have so many other things competing for my money so this experiment would have landed at the bottom of the heap. I am grateful for this opportunity!


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