Project Two – Processing

Shipping 8mm 8mm processing

Here it is, two rolls of Wittner Chrome 100D, Double 8mm movie film on it’s way to Dwayne’s Photo in Parson’s Kansas for processing. I used the rush option just in case my first attempt was a total failure and I have  to reshoot. I have ordered the film on a reel and in a digital format. I have the projector made for use with this double 8mm format and I would like to try and project the film just like it was designed to be used. If I encounter any problems I can always resort to projecting it digitally. The next step is to try and get the projector working and screen the footage when it returns from processing. I am expecting it to arrive no later than 4/ 21 but hopefully sooner.

I’m not sure what type of editing I will do. Using the digital files I could lay an audio sound track over the images. In the analog format I could splice the two reels together and use splicing techniques to edit out portions. I will have to learn something about splicing film to accomplish this. Digitally I could combine the footage from the two reels and add footage from the 8mm app as well as sound, this could be interesting. I’m getting excited now!



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