Project Two – Loading the Camera

I knew loading this camera was going to be tricky especially since this is what is called a “Double 8mm Camera”. Double 8mm means after you have loaded and exposed the entire reel of film you have to open the back of the camera, take out the film in a low light setting, turn the reel around and move it to the alternate spindle there by setting up to expose the other half of the film. In other words, when you shoot 8mm on this film you only use half the frame so 25 feet of film will net 50 feet of developed film.  When you get this film processed they actually split the film down the middle and splice it together to create a continuous 50 ft. of movie film.

I decided to  sacrifice the partially exposed reel of film that was in the camera when I found it, in order to study how the film is supposed to be loaded. I made observations and practiced loading the film even before the manual arrived in the mail. I wanted to get a firm grip on this operation with repeated practice  rather than risking any of my precious new Ektachrome 100D Color Reversal Film.  The only company making color film for this camera that I could find in my search is the Wittner Company of Germany. As I stated in an earlier post I purchased the film from Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas. Dwayne’s distributes and processes the Wittner film.

Next I will work on gaining a firm understanding of the film speed and aperture settings before I load the good film.


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