Project Two Problem Solving

What I did – 03/0714

The first step in making this project a reality is to find out if the project is viable in the digital age. In order to accomplish my goal, with camera and expired film in hand I visited my local camera store, Christian Photo. Although Christian Photo still processes some types of film, I found out they don’t process movie film and no one in the world processes Kodachrome film anymore. Kodak stopped making Kodachrome in 2009 and the last roll was processed in 2010. I also found out while 8mm movie film is still available, my camera needs something called double 8mm film and this is hard to find. The Christian Photo associates referred me to a company called Film Rescue and another called Dwayne’s Photo. 

I found both Film Rescue and Dwayne’s Photo online. After looking over the websites I decided I had to many questions to ask in an email so I decided to call. I started by calling Film Rescue because they might know what to do with the partially exposed rolll of film in the camera and the two expired rolls of Kodachrome I had.

I found out Film Rescue specializes in developing old rolls of discontinued film. They said they could develop the film that was in my camera that had already been exposed but the two unexposed rolls would probably not turn out very well if I chose shoot them. They also informed me that the chemistry for developing Kodachrome was no longer available and they could only develop the film into black and white negative. They then transfer the negative to digital and the finished product is black and white digital version. So, if I want to know what is contained on the partially exposed roll in my camera this is my only option for finding out.

Next I turned to the Dwayne’s Photo website. They still process film, which is unusual today, but they don’t work with any of the vintage long expired rolls like those I had. I had searched online for new double 8mm film and only found one source, B&H Photo. While B&H carry double 8mm film they are backordered on it and do not expect it in until some time in April, this won’t work for my timeline. Dwayne’s Photo I discovered, carries new double 8mm color film, they process it, it is available and they will develop it into a reel of film, digital or both! Eureka!  I ordered 4 rolls on the spot! Each roll will only net 3 minutes of footage and the rolls are $25 each plus shipping so that took my whole production budget. I’m giving low budget film a whole new meaning. The film arrived on my door step Saturday morning and now to figure out how to load the camera!

The Creative Process – The next step in my creative process is to look at vintage 8mm home movies and get a feel for what the medium looks like and what the subject matter is. I am able to find plenty on You Tube and several photo stock websites. This is a trip down memory lane for me because this was a medium used when I was I child. My family did not own one of these cameras nor have I ever used one. My family owned still cameras and the images were processed into slides which were shown through a projector on a pop-up screen in the living room on Saturday nights. This camera belonged to my husband’s family when he was a child.


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