Project Two – Inspiration

Filmo Sportster

What I Did – March 5, 2014

During some recent remodeling at my home, I discovered this 1940’s era Bell & Howell, Filmo Sportster, double 8mm movie camera. I instantly wondered how a film shot on it today would look. How would a contemporary landscape look photographed in a vintage medium. I have used digital filters to create these types of effects but I have not used actual equipment vintage equipment except before it was vintage and even this was older than anything I have ever used. I also have very little experience shooting moving images except my daughter’s school concerts or a dance performance. I found this camera was loaded with film that had been partially exposed and there were two unopened rolls of expired Kodachrome with it.

My Creative Process –
I started thinking about what the possibilities could be to use this camera to create project two. As I pondered my solution I realized a camera like this was originally used to document vernacular experiences and in an initial experience with this camera I should do the same thing. Documenting my spring break trip to LA seemed the perfect solution. Now I have a plan and lots of problems to solve.

. Does the camera still work?
. Is there a manual available?
. Is this long outdated Kodachrome Film any good?
. Is new film available for this camera?
. Where will I get it processed
.Can I make all this happen in the given time constraints?

So now I am off to answer these questions.


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